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Cultural Awareness Training 

We aim to set a scene in our training sessions that simply encourages discussion - we want to hear your thoughts and experiences as well as explore research, case studies and engage in group activities to further reinforce the points made throughout the session. 


Carried out across 2 or 3 hours, depending on your choice of session - our training explores the following -

Social Care and Children's Services:


  1. Stigma and misconceptions/preconceptions of looked after children and care leavers.

  2. The importance of promoting identity and belonging for looked after children.

  3. Understanding bias and stereotypes - how they are formed and the impact of this.

  4. We discuss the four major components of Cultural Competence - definitions and how they're applied in practice.

  5. We explore a variety of case studies and hear from those with lived experience.

  6. We explore research carried out by Konnected - discussions with carers and care leavers. 

  7. We discuss methods for promoting identity and embracing culture.

  8. We highlight the cultural differences that impact relationship building and more..

So far we've delivered the training to Social Work students, Fostering Agency staff, NHS staff and Virtual School employees. Reach out for more information on our sessions here

Other Sectors: 

We recently started working with a large healthcare organisation supporting the development of their cultural awareness online training for both office and community staff. 

The content developed by us focuses on:

  1. The definition of culture what it entails and how we have our ideas of what this is. 

  2. The four Major Component of Cultural Competence. 

  3. The importance of Cultural Competence in the workplace and how it benefits us all. 

  4. We explore Case studies - showing examples of how cultural preferences are played out in the workplace. 

  5. The main cultural differences that impact relationship building. 

  6. Organisational culture, assessing your own and exploring where Cultural Competence fits in.

  7. The organisational benefits of creating a sense of belonging for employees. 

  8. A culturally competent workforce and service user experience.


Introducing the new 'Pickin' it apart' workshops. The aim of these workshops is to allow more focus on the issues discussed in our Cultural Awareness training sessions. These sessions will typically last 1.5 hours. 

We hold workshops on the following topics:  

1. Unconscious bias; understanding this type of bias and how it plays out at work, how we can look to reduce these biases and improve self-awareness. 

2. Identity and Belonging - how can we promote this for looked after children? We use case studies and research to explore this topic. 


Activity and Information packs include:

Recipe and Ingredient Cards & Customised Photo Album

The recipe cards list the ingredients and method of cooking for many popular dishes across the Caribbean & Africa. The photo album allows the children to photograph their cooking activities and provides a way to archive memories to look back on. The activity pack will include 6 recipes; two snacks, mains and desserts which will all be tailored toward the child's cultures traditional meals. The recipe cards come coupled with an introductory herbs and spices box - including ingredients largely used in African and Caribbean cooking. We've recently carried out recipes in a secondary school drop-in session and they've received great feedback! 


We work in partnership with Planet Jigsaws who specialise in telling the stories of great influencers whilst celebrating the black community across the world.  At least one jigsaw will focus on the country of the child's heritage with a story sheet telling fun facts, history and cultural norms. The activity pack will include a selection of jigsaws that will come nicely packages in an eco-friendly manner. We use as little packaging material as possible, whilst ensuring your produces are kept safe. 

Fictional & Non-Fictional Books by Black Authors

The books cover historical events, encouraging love for hair and skin and also fictional books with the representation of black characters. 

Information Packs for Carers 

The packs include hair and skin care information, conversation starters and methods for promoting identity in the home, signposts for local relevant organisations and more. 

Please contact us for more information or give us a call for a discussion on 0117 239 4503.

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