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Konnected's activity pack aims to prodive products that includes the  representation of African and Caribbean communities, nuture a life skill that is cooking, whilst allowing children to learn about their heritage and positive history. 


Take a look at what our packs include -


4, 6 or 8 wooden and excellent quality jigsaws. Customised based on the child's heritage. 


A selection of 4, 5 or 6 both fictional and non-fictional books by black authors. The non-fictional books include hair and skin care, positive history and more. 


A themed booklet on positive affirmations - aiming to improve a child or young persons inner voice. 


8, 12 or 16 Recipe and Ingredient cards that comes with a small herb and spice set to support in making the meals. The recipes include two mains, two desserts, two snacks and two drinks. 


One customised photo album for each completed recipe, allowing children to document photos of their meals and more. This aims to encourage children and young people to keep adding to this album as they further develop their cooking skills. 


Information packs for carers


When placing order, please note the heritage of the child that you are purchasing for so that the pack can be customised. 


All products are of excellent quality. Please see photos for examples of some activities included. Some products are ordered on demand such as the books and customised photo album

Activity Packs

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