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This course is offered both in person and virtually and the duration of te course is 2.5 hours. This course is for healthcare organisations and can facilitate up to 30 staff members


  • We explore the definition of culture and discuss a variety of examples of culture

  • We explore the Four Major Component of Cultural Competence. 

  • We look at the importance of Cultural Competence in the workplace and how it benefits us all. 

  • We explore Case studies - showing examples of how cultural preferences are played out in the workplace. 

  • We encourage discussion around the main cultural differences that impact relationship building. 

  • We look at organisational culture, assessing your own and exploring where Cultural Competence fits in.

  • The organisational benefits of creating a sense of belonging for employees. 

  • A culturally competent workforce and service user experience.

Introduction to Cultural Awareness at Work (Healthcare)

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