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The primary aim is to deliver an excellent mentoring and activities service to looked after children of African & Caribbean Heritage. We aim to onboard and retain mentors that come from a range of diverse career backgrounds including education, social care, psychological services and more. They all share an important common interest; making a difference for kids in care. 


Research indicates that there are relatively smaller numbers of foster carers from ethnic minorities when compared with the majority population here in the UK. With this in mind, black and mix raced children are often placed outside of their community which may result in them not having a positive role model that shares their identity, as well as possibly being less involved in their culture. 

Providing a mentor that shares the same identity as a child in care may help them to learn about their culture, improve their confidence in their own skin and ultimately improve self-esteem. We've looked into the research that support these ideas, check out the literature here.

Our ultimate goal is to empower young people, equipped them with a vital life skill (cooking skills), and provide a go-to person in addition to their existing care and support network to help them to grow into the positive, fulfilling adulthood that they deserve. 


 We believe that empowerment is an important factor in mentoring and generally in the lives of children.  Empowerment inspires children to learn and try new things - this is particularly useful in child development, encouraging children to challenge themselves and learn what they are capable of. 




The purpose of this organisation is to work toward a better future for a minority group of children in society. The hope is that positive change will come about on a grand scale in society, but most importantly on a small scale in those which we work with.


 Embracing Culture & Identity 


As grown-ups, we know how important a sense of self and identity is. It is important for looked after children to have a strong sense of belonging, both in their foster or care home but also as part of their own heritage and community. We believe that engaging children with their culture and encouraging them to be part of it may result in a number of positive psychological benefits. 

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